Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hockey Player Good Luck Charm

Jean has been my hair stylist for over 10 years now. I can't remember exactly when I started visiting her, but it was well before the birth of her daughter who is now almost 8 years old.

When I recorded my first CD, Tinge of Tangerine, Jean and her friend Laurie came to the live recording show where it all began. Laurie came as Jean's date, because Jean's husband was "not really interested in jazz (or anything that doesn't involve ice and a puck)."

Of course, I made sure Jean had a copy of the CD when it was released in 2006. She told me it was nice mellow music to unwind to. I appreciated that comment and I believe I even used it as a quote in my promotion.

In the middle of this last haircut, Jean told me a story that made my year.

Her little girl was singing, as she often does, but she was singing one of the songs from my CD. Jean asked her where she had heard that, then realizing that she had not seen my CD for a while.

"Daddy plays it in the van all the time," her little girl answered.

Being that Jean has never been able to convince her husband to come to any of my performances, she was surprised by this. So she asked him about it.

His answer, after some digging on her part, was this:

He used to listen to Johnny Cash while on his way to play hockey, but his luck in the games had not been so good. So one night, he thought it was time for a change. He plugged Tinge of Tangerine into the CD player on his way to the game, and he had a good game! So he kept listening to it.

He then went on to list some of his favorites and said the music was relaxing on his way home from the game as well.

I figure, however I can win them over, even if it's superstition, one fan at a time.

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