Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sons & Sunshine

The sun is shining!
Although I could have spent an hour working on developing my music theory course that I start teaching in a week and a half, I opted instead to hang with my sons at the river.
I have never been a lying in the sun kind of person, but I did today. My teenaged boys fished and we enjoyed the peace that draws them there.
The path to the little sandbar is well hidden in the wild rose and saskatoon bushes just off the busy street that wraps around to allow traffic on and off the bridge and highway that passes through town. Shawn and I looked for access one day with no luck. Of course, once the boys showed me how they get down there, it was obvious. The woods at the top of the hill smell like my childhood, honeysuckle, wild roses and flowering clover. The sandbar is about 5 feet deep and stretches about 20 feet along the swift Fraser River. Right now the bridge construction makes it a bit loud, but tuning it out is easy enough.
The best part is the quiet companionship of these boys who are growing so fast that Forrest, who is the youngest, is almost able to grow full sideburns. Corey is the dedicated fisherman, complete with fishing vest. He says this summer he is practicing catch and release. I am pretty sure Forrest just goes for the company.
For me it serves two purposes, time with my boys and adding some color to my ghostly white legs.
Now back to work.