Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pepper Spray & Beer

We can't wait till Shaw brings the phone service to our area!

Telus sucks!

Last week, we had some issues with our phone. We have a business line and a personal line in the same house and they started crackling and bleeding into each other. So Shawn called Telus.
They sent a repairman, and after he left, Shawn tried testing the lines. Holding the cordless in one hand he was randomly hitting buttons on the other phone line.

About 15 minutes later, there was a loud knocking on my studio door. I wasn't expecting any students, but thought someone must be dropping by anyway. I was startled to see a very tall RCMP officer standing outside the door.

"We have had an abandoned 911 call from this residence," he stated.

Right away I knew what had happened.

"Shawn," I called up to the living room, "did you accidentally dial 911?"

I explained to the officer what had happened. He stepped into the studio and said, "Come down here, boy! I've got some pepper spray with your name on it."

"Mind if I look around...see if there's any corpses?" he asked me.

I laughed and said, "Sure, come on in."

He was impressed with our music studio. "I need one of these!" he exclaimed.

"Well, we're having a party tomorrow night," Shawn offered. "Come on over. You know where we live."

The officer was jovial and easy going. He must have been having a slow day.

He walked through to the kitchen in the front, took out his pad and pen and said, "Who wants to give me their information? Who doesn't have a criminal record?"

I said, "I'll give you mine."

He said, "I want his!"

"Are you kidding me?" Shawn said. "I shoplifted when I was a kid."

As I gave him my info, Shawn suggested, "I'd offer you a beer, but we drank it all."

Just then a police van pulled up and a second officer walked toward the house.

I said, "Oh man, there's another one here."

This guy was younger and a little more serious.

The first officer said, "It's ok, there's no dead bodies. I checked."

The younger one sniffed and said, "Can't smell any." Still never cracked a smile.

"Good thing we just cleaned," I replied.

I heard another car door slam and said, "Oh brother, is there another one here??"

"Pretty soon you're gonna a need a keg just to get rid of us."

But it was just a neighbor. After a bit more banter, they decided we weren't criminals and got ready to leave.

As they left, the friendly officer said with a wave, "You guys seem pretty cool. Give us a call anytime! You've got our number."


GraceeJ said...

hahaha thats awesome!!!
We still need a good date!

jode` said...

i'm thinking they may have just been happy to get out of the office what with their infamous superintendant and all...